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Our tagline embodies what we want to do with your products.
We think it's important to tell your stories, your traditions and the joy with which to prepare your food.

Similarly we think it is important to make known to our customers your product and get in direct contact. Today it is right that the consumer of your food can directly buy the product from you without intermediaries. This guarantees the freshness of the food that you have prepared for them.

Our main goal is to discover, select and promote the best Italian food and wine products that only workshops can do. Ours is not a simple e-commerce site, but a multinational marketplace where you can display and sell their products directly without mediation. Our support goes well beyond the preparation of your catalog, we will help you solve the logistical problems, trade and marketing.

The goal is to share our experience, that of the consumer and many other Italian manufacturers of food with you too.

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